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Use of our website constitutes acceptance and agreement to our terms of service. If you violate our terms of service, we reserve the right to terminate your account without prior notice. We much prefer to advise users of unacceptable behaviour, however deliberate and/or repeated violations of our TOS will result in a ban. Our failure to enforce this policy, for whatever reason, shall not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so at any time. StrongholdNation officially reserves the right to revoke your access at any time, for any reason our management team see fit. Please ensure that you are also familiar with our Privacy Statement and our Legal Disclaimer.

Your Account

Individual users are held wholly responsible for their own account security and protection. All activity under an account is presumed to have taken place by the user in question. Users may not share their StrongholdNation account details via any means without prior written permission from a member of the management team, and duplicate accounts are not permitted under any circumstance. Each user is entitled to a single account with no exceptions; if the account is removed, locked or disabled, either permanently or temporarily, no other accounts are available. Management regularly delete all new accounts by banned individuals on a regular basis, and any form of continuous abuse or harassment after this time will result in a permanent ban of your IP address. In a few severe cases, we have even filed abuse complaints with Internet Service Providers. We will take legal action to cease and desist if necessary.

Unauthorised Access

The following actions are strictly prohibited:
  • Accessing, or attempting to access, the accounts of other users.
  • Penetrating, or attempting to penetrate any exploits, bugs, vulnerabilities or loopholes, whether they are disclosed or undisclosed.
  • Penetrating, or attempting to penetrate any security measures in place.

Ad Hominem

No abusive post towards another user will be tolerated under any circumstance. You may not discriminate or post racial comments about a members origin, religious beliefs, gender or sexual preferance in any way. Any personal attacks will be subject to message deletion and an instant ban.


Advertising is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Creating entire threads or posts purely for purposes intended to gain publicity.
  • Constant off topic posts or threads which contain links to your own website, blog or social media or are for the purposes of derailing the topic.
  • Posting links to completely irrelevant websites.
  • Donation links, payment links or other links which are used for commercial purposes.
  • Unenforceable offers or scams (e.g. "Earn £15,000 a year selling chocolate to pandas").
  • Any post or topic made for a commercial purpose without the prior permission from a management team member.


Plagiarism will not be tolerated under any circumstance, it is actually illegal in some countries. If you feel the need to post the words of another user, quote them in your post using bbcode. However, users who overuse the quote feature, or use it inappropriately may have their posts edited by a moderator and the quote removed. This typically includes quoting the post above your own, or using a quote for every post you make. Persistent abuse of the quote system may result in warnings and/or bans.


You may not spam under any circumstance unless an area is explicitly designated for it. Spamming includes, but is not limited to:

  • Useless single line posts or thread bumping.
  • Constant off-topic posts or threads.
  • Typing gibberish or nonsensical messages.
  • Posts in any other language other than English.
  • Posting messages without relevant content.
  • Incinating a forum war or riot.
  • Flooding the forum with similar meaning messages.
  • Post count farming.
  • Links to your own websites, services or free "__" links.
  • Necro posting.

Users who appear to have created their account soley for purposes of gaining publicity, spamming or general annoyance will result in their account becoming permanently banned or removed. StrongholdNation trusts the appointed moderators to use their best judgment in assessing the intention of users on this website. If the moderator feels that any portion of a post, including the signature or avatar, is intended to be disruptive, insulting or generally inappropriate, they are empowered to remove or alter the post and in worst case, ban the poster. They will probably contact the poster first, but in the event the situation is not corrected to the satisfaction of the moderator, we will support the moderator's decision and no appeal will be available. If a moderator asks you to stop doing something you must answer their request. Users who refuse to answer, or completely ignore such requests will have a posting ban placed upon them until they do so. You may not argue with one of our staff members, nor may you publicly complain about any staff decisions on this site. If you have any problems or questions about staff decisions, please PM a member of our management team.

Username Conditions

Usernames are subject to the same conditions as content and images in posts. In addition to these, usernames must also not contain or represent, directly or indirectly:
  • A domain name, website title or company name
  • Including a TLD as part of your username
  • Impersonating other community members, companies or websites
  • 'Donate to me' styled messages
  • Anything for a commercial product or service

Signature Posts

We allow signature posts for users to personalise their accounts. They should not be used as an excuse to advertise, spam or insult other users. Any signature deemed offensive or inappropriate in any way will be removed or edited by a moderator. Text and images in signatures are subject to the same conditions as posts. Additional signature rules are as follows:

  • Your signature must be setup from your profile, not manually added to every post.
  • Graphic images must not exceed 400x80 pixels (total width of entire signature).
  • Your signature may not contain any pricing, sales or product information.
  • You may not use slogans in your signature (e.g. "Top quality websites starting at ...").
  • You may not include affiliate links or links which contain affiliate IDs.
  • You may not include donation links.
  • You may not include scams or unenforceable offers (e.g. "Earn £15,000 a year selling chocolate to pandas").
  • Signatures must not contain more than 4 hyperlinks.
  • Signatures must not be all uppercase.
  • Signatures must not contain more than 3 font colours.

Official Language

Please post in Standard English at all times. If we cannot read your post, we cannot help and cannot be sure whether it follows the rules. We fully respect the diversity of languages, but we need to ensure that these forums appear readable and uniform. Consequently, any post in a language other than English is subject to deletion. The single exception to this rule is in your signature post, where a quote (e.g. in Latin) can be used, providing the characters used are alphanumeric.


The use of abbreviations such as "2moro", "gr8", or even "tht" are strictly prohibited. Abbreviations such as BBC, ITV, SHN (StrongholdNation) will be accepted because they are generally understood and do not make you look illiterate. There are members on this website who do not speak English as their first language and may get confused easily.

Sexually Offensive Materials

You may not under any circumstance link to or post any sexual content of any form. We do not wish for other users or guests to have to view this whilst trying to access downloads, articles, threads or posts.

Piracy, Cracks, Key Generators

Piracy is the illegal copying of programs, software, films or other forms of media. Cracks are modification of software to remove or disable protection methods or copyright and Key generators are programs that attempt to generate serial numbers or other information required for software registration or other means of validation. These will not be tolerated under any circumstance. The StrongholdNation staff have all been trained — and are fully aware — of how to deal with such topics and posts.

Any users found seeking help or discussion about piracy in any form will have their topics closed and be issued with a warning. Any further activity from the same user to gain help or support may result in an account suspension. Personal messaging may not be used in an attempt to gain support or aid such topics. Any attempt to gain support over the personal messaging system will result in an immediate and indefinite account suspension, without appeal.


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