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New Forum- Crusader 2 Multiplayer: Siege-That!

We have added a new forum behind the "Competitions" forum, for the joint project between Nigel and Lord Vetka. This forum is dedicated to the Crusader 2 Multiplayer: Siege-That! tournament(s) which will contain several maps and have different levels of difficulty.

For more information exactly what the contest contains, you can refer to the discussion thread below: http://forums.strongholdnation.co.uk/to … iege-that/

To help folks directly get to the new Crusader 2 Multiplayer: Siege-That! forum, here is a direct link to it: http://forums.strongholdnation.co.uk/fo … siegethat/. You can also access this via Competitions -> Crusader 2 Multiplayer: Siege-That!

This forum will have all the official topics posted in, and all in one place so that it's easier to find as well as serves as an official record.

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