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Updates and Fixes

I thought I'd take the time to share some of the updates I've recently fixed/added to the site:

  • Reputation now automatically checks for reputation abuse and alerts the moderation team

  • Announcement New to StrongholdNation - Faq is now up-to-date

  • Downloads maintenance has now been 100% completed - new downloads section can be found at http://www.strongholdnation.co.uk/downloads/ and all links pointing to the old downloads section have been updated. (Shout outs to EaglePrince, Micha!, Black King!)

  • Downloads now has a "proper" search function. Instead of just searching for a file title, it will check exactly what you tell it to.

  • Fixed speed issue when viewing a downloads file (and changed look)

  • Added: Download Stats Page - you can access this from the site navigation menu -> Site Navigation -> Download Statistics

  • Merged page to add reviews and comments to download files, they are now on the same page. When attempting to reply, hit "post reply", and if it's a review check the "this is a review" checkbox. I'm working on the final bug, which is reviews not being displayed correctly in comments.

  • Stronghold Kingdoms is now shown in the "articles" section of the site navigation menu

  • Fixed display issue in a few email templates, they are now also editable from the admin panel

  • Uploaded images (i.e. avatars, download previews) are now compressed using the TingPNG Compression API. They are then immediately cached through CloudFlare to avoid the 6-8 hour delay in appearing

  • All static content, (now including downloads, download previews and avatars) are now on our content delivery network. When you update the content, it should appear instantly.

  • Errors are now logged in the admin panel rather than through the server

I know there are still a small number of outstanding bugs, if you can identify the cause in CSS or JavaScript to any UI or browser type bugs, let me know and I'll try to get those fixed ASAP.

Your admin team has done a great job dealing with the issues I haven't been able to address in a timely manner and for that we all owe them a huge thank you, they are definitely doing a great job and I know we all appreciate that more than we can ever express.

Thanks everyone!

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