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Exciting changes! Forum restructuring

After considerable thought, we have implanted a few changes to increase topic visibility is certain areas and restructured certain forums.

In light of the fact that no topics were ever posted in the advanced discussion forums, there have been merged with the respectable game related forum.

Hardware support and software support have been merged with Computer Support (there just aren't enough topics there for separate forums yet).

Finally, The Crusader 2 Multiplayer: Siege-That! forum and Gaming Events forums can have attachments posted in them. You can upload attachments to any forum (in theory). The attachments system has been changed dramatically to provide more flexibility and reliability. It is, however, prone to errors as has just been changed.

Let me know of any errors from the attachment system or permissions errors and I'll fix them ASAP.

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Re: Exciting changes! Forum restructuring

Excellent job with the attachment restructuring, M'Lord!

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