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Competition Terms of Service

Below are the competition terms of service. No personal details are collected most of the time, you will be informed if it needs to be.
Before you enter, please make sure that you read the following rules and regulations as your entry may get rejected or you may get disqualified if you do not follow these.

  1. One entry per account. This does not mean you may create another account to re-enter the competition.

  2. One entry per IP. You may not attempt to use multiple IPs in order to add more entries. Doing so will disqualify you automatically

  3. No duplicates. You may not attempt to create an entry similar to an already existing one in the competition.

  4. Registered users only. You must be over 13 years of age and a member of our community to enter our competitions.

  5. No automated entries. All entries will be filtered regardless but you may not automate entries.

  6. Your email must be valid as this is how you will be contacted.

  7. Entries made/attempted to be made after the closing date will not be counted. 

  8. Entry to all of our competitions is free!

  9. All times stated are in UK time. 

  10. Any entries submitted must be for the game clearly specified. If you are unsure, please post in the appropriate topic.

  11. StrongholdNation reserves the right to cancel any prize or remove any entries with or without prior notice to the user.

  12. No abuse. Contestants who are rude, abusive or deemed otherwise unsuitable by StrongholdNation will be excluded from the competition despite the quality of the submission.

  13. By entering our competition, you are agreeing to our TOS and our privacy statement. Should you not agree, your only choice is not to enter the contest.

  14. Entries from the moderation team, or entries made by family members of the moderation team will not be included as valid entries

  15. Once the winner has been contacted, they will have 48 hours to contact a member of staff and claim their prize. If they fail to do so within this time, the runner up will automatically take their place.

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