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Re: Stronghold Crusader 2: 2v2 Conquest Competition

A long evening it was yesterday: all of the final battles in this tournament have been fought.


Igi and kurnaz did their matches first, fighting for counties 7 and 11. Both played very well, sending horse archer armies to ride out against each other. It was igi who managed to win both battles - but not without Kurnaz' men touching a torch to Igi's caslte buildings on each occasion.

The last battle of the tournament was Monk's invasion of county 9. His Arabian archers were ready to march out as soon as the peace time was over. Igi's lord defended bravely and single-handedly in front of his castle. Here you can see him in the midst of the attacking force.


He actually managed to return to the castle alive from that encounter - that was very spectacular. big_smile
But he was overcome in the end and the Purple team take their well deserved victory.

So with that, the tournament can be concluded:

The Purple Team with Mr. Monk and Tat4ba are clearly the winners. They have been the strongest team in the contest and deserve to take the 1st place.

The Blue Team with Igi.tanas and Dodorus have managed to secure the 2nd place in this tournament. That was a tough race and stood on a knife's edge right to the end.

Orange and Dark Red have the same number of counties now. But having followed the battles it is clear that Kurnaz and Kiki, seasoned veterans as they are, are the stronger team. Still I applaud Strahi and Kita, both of them relatively new players, for seeing it through to the end. Keeping out of trouble was their strategy for survival.

Congratulations to all of you. It was well played smile

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