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Still playing Gaming Events?

You guys still playing CTF? I'd love to join a team who plays on a regular basis. Doesn't matter if it's just to goof around. I just love CTF and sadly the people who I played with for ages moved on to other stuff.

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Mathew Steel
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Re: Still playing Gaming Events?

Hi, Jackwin! Gaming events aren't necessarily a reoccurring thing. Instead, any time you wish to plan a multiplayer event, you can simply create a new thread within the Gaming Events subforum. Be sure to include:

- The game title
- The date

And for the body of the thread, include:
- game type
- game version
- time
- confirmed players

From here, players will reply with a yes or no on whether they'd like to play! Of course, you can always add members on Steam to speed things up for you! smile

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Re: Still playing Gaming Events?

I would be interested to play a multiplayer game these days. Maybe we could set something for this weekend, or so? Only I'm not sure about Capture the Flag in particular. I would be more into a regular game, starting as a free man. Or we could even play Crusader perhaps. smile

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Re: Still playing Gaming Events?

Split thread and moved to Site Questions/Support. The Gaming Events forum is only for organising events.

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