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A message, your Lordship. It would seem that the ink has been smeared in certain passages...

I have long awaited word that you live on, noble Lord. I hold no malice towards you. I wish only for you to heed my warning. A great task will soon be upon you. I cannot reveal what, or when, but remember these words...

I am sorry, my Lord. The remaining passage is unreadable...

Perhaps on the back...

Ah! A riddle...

Previously, Currently, - - - -,
- - - -, After, Do,
Not every riddle ends in rhyme,
Stronghold 3, Crusader 2

What comes - - - -

"When people unite under one will, they become stronger than the sum of their parts."

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Re: Scribe


Sir Nigel turns the letter around, reads again, turns it around again.
"I can't make head or tail of it. At least for now I have no idea what this could mean."

He glances at the other lords gathered around the wooden table in the centre of which the parchment rests.

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