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SH Legends: How to do proper invasions?

(Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum!)
Hey all, I have a question that I've had for years and was never able to get answered/solved. I'm trying to do an invasion in SH Legends and I've never figured out the proper technique to get the AI to behave properly. In SH2 it was relatively simple. You told the game where the AI would come in at, who to attack, where to siege from, voila. With SH Legends I haven't had such a luxury. I tell the AI what to do, but when they get to the siege point they just sit there and do nothing. They never attack, and all the siege equipment comes in with the rest of the army rather than from a built siege camp like in the campaigns or SH2.
I know about the various markers: siege camp, missile, etc. but I've never figured out how to use them properly or how the AI reads them.
If anyone knows how all of this works and could explain it, that would be great. I looked around the website and didn't find anything so apologies if I missed something related to this. Thanks in advance! smile

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